It is a festival of art and its infinite forms that was launched in '98 as an annual cultural event. It is a festival of expression in music and dance. A celebration of life through theatre and paint, sculpture and mime, without any limits and boundaries. A new language for art forms as well as the performing arts. The Other Festival is unlike any other in Chennai (Madras). Ever. And has not been experienced in any other city, metro, town or village in India. In short it is different.   

Who is behind THE OTHER FESTIVAL?   
People with a passion for art. Some of  whom have devoted their life to the pursuit of its excellence. And others who appreciate and promote art as second nature. ANITA RATNAM, noted dancer of international repute and art administrator and RANVIR SHAH, theatre director, art critic and businessman have conceived, named and worked for this event. Aided by many professionals in the world of art, painting and advertising, The Other Festival is a group effort.   

Simply because other forms of artistic expressions exist already, and because path-breaking, icon-shattering, ground-shaking expressions deserve an audience. Expressions that are thought provoking, which stimulate debate and discussion and through that creative dissonance, raise art and art forms to another new, higher level.   

What The Other Festival seeks is an exposure of both the performer and the audience to such forms of art expression, not just of art perfection. Offering a worthy platform to promote young, vibrant new artists alongside well known iconoclasts.   

Every day there is new life, new forms of expression of that life and new forms of art and there is The Other Festival.   

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