The Other Festival - 99   
    Dance Theatre Festival  
    • Critics Speak
    “The Other Festival” with the theme “The future of the performing arts is here”… to showcase new avant garde talent in all forms of art, conventional and otherwise.   
    The Hindu, December 4, 1999
    The festival explores familiar emotions in new languages of expression…There were glittering pieces of unusual structure and performing techniques.  
      The Hindu, December 10, 1999
    The Interface was handled gracefully by all the artistes who performed at  The Other Festival.   
    The Hindu, December 17, 1999
    The true nature of the reflexive, introspective, individual,  
     post modernist trends in dance have been to a very great extent highlighted  
    The Economic Times, December 19, 1999
    It has generated genuine interest in the contemporary expressions of performing arts  
      The Asian Age, New Delhi, December 1999

    The Participants: 
    Chennai certainly has one of the better theatre-savvy audiences.  
      Rajat Kapoor, Mumbai 
    Director/Actor, “C” for Clown
    I had a lovely experience, it helped open a new space for me, both within and without, the audience, the theatre were both very warm and helped me in my expression.  
      Navtej Johar, New Delhi 
          Dancer, “Never Failed Me Yet!”
    A great opportunity to be part of your festival  
      Atul Kumar, Mumbai 
          Director/Actor, “Chairs”

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