The Other Festival 1998   

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    The Other Festival proved there was scope for other art forms. And what better testing ground for it than the tradition-bound Chennaipatnam?  
       Life Positive
    … A new beginning in Chennai… It brought the artistes as well as the organizers and viewers together and paved the way for a new audience…which was willing and flexible to learn new concepts and thoughts.  
      The Hindu
    “The Other Festival” will no doubt become part of the much larger stream of the arts that link up many strands, themes, ideas and performers with an audience. We who are part of that audience can only feel privileged for having been there at the beginning.  
        The Economic Times
    Chennai is waking up to the other world of music and dance and gearing up to receive experiences not so familiar to it… All the genres of the word, movement, costume are woven together to constitute a new energy of theatre language.  
          The Hindu
    It ranged from the classic cliché to the postmodern experimentation …Festivals like this which provide interaction between artistes and audience may change the audience too.  
           The Hindu
    “The Other Festival” established that despite tradition, Chennai audiences are eager and enjoy experimental works.  
          Attendance – The Dance Annual Of India
    Like the proverbial “other woman”, the more glamorous festival has gained more attention than the traditional festival of classical music and dance in Chennai.  
    “The Other Festival” seeks to place Chennai not just on the map of traditional culture but to be seen as a city of dynamic art.  
          The Hindu
    “The Other Festival”… to showcase  programmes which are radically different, which normally cannot find a platform or a voice on a regular stage.  
    Billed as being purist and traditional, it has welcomed experiments and innovations with surprising alacrity.   
    The Times of India

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