The Other Festival - 2001  
     Dec 1- 7, 2001. Museum Theatre, Chennai (Madras) India.  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You.
    Dec 1 –7, 2001, 5.30 to 6.30pm, Centenary Exhibition Hall (Museum Theatre Grounds) A series of short performances every evening, celebrating TAMIL THEATRE,  in honour of N.Muthuswamy
    Sat, Dec 1, 2001,7pm NEELAM MANSINGH CHOUDHARY (Chandigarh) 
    “The Unposted Love Letter” 
    An inimitable bilingual in Hindi and English - THEATRE more
    Sun,Dec 2, 2001, 6pm  SUSANNE KIRCHNER 
    (Germany) “Dance Sculpture”- In collaboration with Max Mueller Bhavan - CONTEMPORARY DANCE(Solo) more
    OIKYOTAAN (Chennai) – Pulsating folk repertoire from Bangladesh & West Bengal CONTEMPORARY FOLK MUSIC more
    Dec 3,2001, 
    7pm onward
    BHARAT SHARMA (Bangalore) “Antardeham(Between Bodies)” - The World Premiere of his new work exploring space in dance -CONTEMPORARY DANCE (SOLO) more ARJUN RAINA (New Delhi)“Khelkali” - Bold new work combining Kathakali and Shakespeare – DANCE-THEATRE more
    Tue,Dec 4, 2001,7pm onward SAMUDRA (Trivandrum) “The Sound of  Silence” -CONTEMPORARY DANCE(Group) more ATUL KUMAR & The Company Theatre (Mumbai)“The Typists” - Absorbing work that looks at the redundant human condition in a tragic-comic manner -THEATRE more
    Wed,Dec5, 2001,7pm ANN MORADIAN (USA) “Private Journeys” – CONTEMPORARY DANCE (Solo) more ARIANE GRAY-HUBERT (France) – “Dawn to Dusk”-A pianist with an extraordianry touch – In collaboration with Alliance Francaise de Madras - MUSIC more
    Thur,Dec 6,2001,7pm - PADMINI CHETTUR (Chennai) 
    Fri,Dec 7,2001,7pm MALLIKA SARABHAI (Ahmedabad) – “In Search of  the Goddess”- Distinctive  new work  in DANCE-THEATRE more MAROON TOWN (UK)-  In  collaboration with The British Council-CONTEMPORARY MUSIC more

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