The Other Festival - 2001  
     Dec 1- 7, 2001. Museum Theatre, Chennai (Madras) India.  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You.
    DECEMBER 7, 2001, 8.15 pm

    On how to dance ... and stay marooned 
    Breakbeat, ska, rap and dub… “Maroon Town” combine these to produce a very original and high energy musical fusion. This multiracial 9-piece powerhouse of accomplished performers from the UK has created waves in various music festivals, radios and live performances across the world.  

    “Maroon Town” performed at “Alternafest” in Ottawa, a four day musical event which formed a part of a year-long festival of British arts ,“UK Accents” to rave reviews. They crashed into the top 5 of the Spanish Radio Playlist followed by live performances on Spanish TV and radio. 

    In 1998 “Maroon Town” toured with the MTV nominated group, Molotov. They are one of the few bands ever invited to play to inmates of Brixton Prison for their Christmas celebrations. The response from the audience was so overwhelming that it resulted in a near-riot with the inmates clambering on chairs in an exuberant melee of dancing. Operating since 1987, this nine-member team was formed through advertisements, friends of friends, parties and accidents (they met their drummer on the tube)! The name comes from Maroon City, the autonomous town in Jamaica set up by runaway slaves.  

    Transcending cultural boundaries “Maroon Town” combines its musical roots – Latin, African, jazz and classical with an infusion of rap – into one characteristic must-dance rhythm.  

    “Maroon Town” is in India as part of a whirlwind tour of India, organised by the British Counci.The band also engages in a musical dialogue through a workshop with young musicians on 8 December at the Vineyard Centre, Chennai.For details about the workshop contact Vineyard Centre, 110, Chateau d’ Ampa building, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 29. Tel. 3740774 

    RAJAN DATTAR (keyboards/samples) is the co-founder of “Maroon Town”  and “Columbo” (signed to V2).  He has been involved in music for over 13 years. A writer and journalist as well, he contributes to the music and culture pages of  - the NME, the Face, ID, Time Out and  the Guardian, among others. Currently, he presents a pop music slot for BBC 24 Hour News and BBC World TV. 

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