The Park’s The Other Festival - 2005  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You.  
    The Museum Theatre, Chennai 
    Dec 5, 2005  

    Spanish dance - by Carmen Werner, Alejandro Morata of Provisional Danza, Spain

    Carmen Werner 
    • Masters Degree in Physical Education from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. 
    • Classical and Contemporary Dance in London, Barcelona and Madrid.  Carmen Werner formed her company and has been creating since 1987 stage works (small and big format including an opera-dance), street performances, video-dances, a short, collaborations with other companies, special choreography for different Festivals, dance classes and workshops.
    Provisional Danza 
    • Prize of Culture (in Dance) by Community of Madrid 2000.
    • 3rd Prize for the 1st Onassis International Competition for Original Choreography with the work “El tiempo de un instante”, 2001.
    • Honorable Mention 2001 - XIII Festival of Cinema in Girona for the video in cinema format “La noche, marejada de un cuerpo”.
    Alejandro Morata 
    Born in 1961 he studied business management, music, harmony and composition.  
    Soon after he become part of Carmen Werner´s company where he had developed all his academic and artistic formation. 

    His performing work started in 1993, he had over his shoulders six full length production, three street productions and a dance-video. 
    Nowadays he´s still working at provisional danza as a manager and dancer/choreographer. 



    HILDEBRAND (Carmen Werner's) 
    I always thought that he loved me. 
    You forgot me,  
    you didn’t see me,  
    even if I was getting naked in front of you, you didn’t see me even when I was wearing your clothes down in the street. 

    Carmen Werner (2002) 
    25 minutes  
    "To my mother" 


    LIGHTING DESIGN - Gloria Montesinos 


    DRAMATIC DIRECTION - Coral Troncoso, Alejandro Morata 

    MUSIC - Einstürzende Neubauten, Purcell, Arvo Pärt 

    NADIE (Alejandro Morata) 
    Getting deep inside the human being to handle and transform any situation. Trying to communicate by means of dance all the good and evil that we kept inside.  


    What is The Other Festival?   
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