The Park’s The Other Festival - 2005  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You.  
    The Museum Theatre, Chennai 
    Dec 7, 2005  

    "3, Sakina Manzil" - a play in English by Jaimini Pathak, Surichi Aulakh 


    Writer - Ramu Ramanathan
    Director - Jaimini Pathak
    Concept & Research - Amrit Gangar
    Lights - Kavi Bhansali
    Sound - Pragya Tiwari 
    The Players - Jaimini Pathak, Suruchi Aulakh

    DURATION: 1 hour 40 minutes, with an interval.

    A WORKING TITLE production
    Probably many people know that 14th April is the anniversary of the day the Titanic sank, but few people know that 71 years ago, on 14th April, almost 3000 people lost their lives in Bombay! 

    The year was 1944, and the Indian struggle for Independence was on its last tumultuous leg. The world was being ravaged by war. All of India was on tenterhooks, in apprehension of an attack from Japan. And on 14th April 1944 , a huge explosion ripped Bombay harbour! 

    No, it was not the Japanese invasion. The British ship, S.S. Fort Stikine had blown up, due to the hundreds of tonnes of explosives that were stored illegally in its hold, raining upon the city an assortment of explosives, oil, timber, scrap iron, flesh, limbs and…gold bars!!!

    Amidst all this, in an old apartment building near the docks, a gentle love story unfolded, in 3, SAKINA MANZIL…

    Contact: Jaimini Pathak - 98200 77429

    SOME REACTIONS FROM OUR AUDIENCES (as recorded in our Comments Book)
    "Unbelievable!" – Gita Chadha
    "Simply brilliant." – Sahil Pingle
    "Really refreshing from the daily boring entertainment." – Anurag & Gargi Kapur (Delhi)
    "Different." – Shruthi Shetty (Delhi)
    "Superb & inspiring." Esha Shamani
    "Acting par excellence & lot of thematic value." – Prabhjot Butalia
    "Must-watch play." – Manish Sharma
    "Brought the past to life!" – Preeti
    "Awesome!" – Gaargi Ramakrishna

    "A show very well done" - Karthik Handa
    "Simply brilliant" – Eeshan Tiwary
    "The quality of acting was just a class apart, and the theme was even more touching" -Udit Agarwal 

    "Please come again soon!" – Cynthia Michelle Lewis (Class 6)
    "Very touching" – Megha T
    "It was breathtaking!" – Parth Barchha
    "Brings the past back to the future!" – Ketaki Uma
    "Watching plays has never been so much fun!" – Tami Shashikant
    "I think it's a great way to bring back history!" – Pranali Patel
    "Inexpressibly eye-opening & beautifully subtle!" – Aaksha Meghawat
    "It can aptly be described as a sublime experience!!" – Pratyush Patodia
    "Rocking man! Too cool! Encore!" – Adarsh Loyal 


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