The Park’s The Other Festival - 2005  
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    The Museum Theatre, Chennai 
    Dec 4, 2005  

    "Dushala/ The Last Matriarch" - a solo theatre performance by Pritham K. Chakravarthy, Chennai 

    Pritham K Chakravarthy 
    Pritham K Chakravarthy is a theatre performer, activist, playwright and an independent researcher. She specialises in single woman performances focusing on gender and sexuality. Her piece on transgender community of Chennai, "Nirvanam" was featured in The Edinburgh International Festival 2002 and has travelled extensively in the USA and UK during her Fulbright Fellowship. "Kannadi/Mirror" [2003] "Hit Me Not and Hands Off!" [2004] have travelled to a variety of audience, from theatrephiles to factory workers. The only ensemble theatre she is working in right now "Orientations" [2003] premiered at Watermans, London and is expected to tour from next summer. Besides the Edinburgh Festival, she has been a part of the Other Festival 2003 and Kuttu Festival 2005 where she premiered her "Dushala/The Last Matriarch" and is scheduled to perform at the Bangalore Hubba2005 and Natarani 2006, Ahmedabad.  

    A contemporary, feminist take on Mahabharatha, Dushala focuses on that one voice that could have stopped all the grief and trauma of the great epic war, that was to change mankind forever had only one person, the one whom she loved so dearly, had paid heed to. For she saw it unfold under her very eyes! But none around ever registered her presence enough to give her voice. Being born as the only sister of the Kauravas, on the special request of Gandari her mother Dushala should have been the apple of everyone’s eye at Hastinapur. Yet silenced as she was she chose to observe the other silenced voices in the great epic. Trappings of royalty apart Dushala is the embodiment of all the unspoken dreams, passions and sorrow of all women in Baratha. 



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