The Park’s The Other Festival - 2005  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You.  
    The Museum Theatre, Chennai 
    Dec 1, 2005  

    "Jalam" - contemporary dance performance by Samudra Performing Arts

    Universe is a constitutive of 5 basic elements - earth, water, air, light and ether. The absence of any one causes distraction for all living organism. Every element plays primordial role. But ‘Water is the one that plays a cosmic role because since the creation of our world it was "Water, Water everywhere". It encircles our many pristine islands. In our Indian tradition Jalam is given high reverence. She is considered as Mother Par Excellence. 

    In our concept "Jalam" (water), water is not presented merely as a particular element, but as man’s total oneness with water is represented. The multifaceted roles of water in Nav Rasas (9 artistic expressions) like -Sringaram, Hasyam, Karunam, Raudram, Veeram, Bhayanakam, Bibhatsyam, Adbhudham and Shantham are depicted here. The concept of Jalam pivots round reality, myth, reality. Hereby we are trying to present the multifaceted role of water- how it creates happiness, how it rates happiness, how it causes pralayam (disasters) how it is being polluted by the modern man, its cool and soothing effect, its painless attachment and, much more is presented. 
    SAMUDRA (A mirror of passion for dance) 
    Samudra is the improvisational dance troupe with Action-flowing, flexible, vital, graceful, vigorous, and more pleasing by constant innovation, which speaks of the multiphase of life none distinct. When Samudra is onstage all of the life is in motion-from the finest atom gravitating towards another atom to the movements of our spirit. The human being stretched out, closed in, burst into multitudinous activities, rested fell down and rose again- a world in motion. Dancers/Their movement according to the different rhythms with fantastic leaps and whirls-weaving a relationship among themselves holds the viewers spell bound; a dance movement made visible in the invisible movements of the spirit with their scintillating performances; Samudra seems to fill up the space with myriad forms. They are engaged in exploring, experimenting and synthesizing various traditional and modern focus of art. From the fibre of tradition they weave new cultures of aesthetics. 

    Samudra Centre for Indian Contemporary Performing Arts 
    'Mini House', TC 57/1274, 
    Kalady, Karamana.P.O 
    Trivandrum - 695 002 
    Kerala, South India 

    Tel / Fax: +91 471 2340798 
    Mobile: +91 98473 24192 (Madhu) / +91 94474 51606 (Sajeev) 

    Email : / info@samudraarts.comt 
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