The Other Festival - 2002 
    Dec 1- 7, 2002  
    Chinmaya Heritage Centre  
    # 2, 13th Avenue 
    Harrington Road, Chennai 600034  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You. 

    DECEMBER 5, 2002, 7.15pm 
    KAEJA d’ DANCE, “lifeDUETS”,Contemporary Dance(Duet & Group) (75min) 
    The KAEJAS’(Canada) creative and passionate relationship with dance has evolved through the undertaking of a mixed repertory program entitled lifeDUETs.  After 10 years of creating separate choreographies, Allen and Karen have invited seasoned Canadian choreographers to create new works specially designed for their unique physicality. The combination of Karen’s sensual vulnerability and fluid physicality with Allen’s explosive, interconnected kinetics, is an exciting dynamic for choreographers and presenters of lifeDUETs. Commissioned choreographers include Marie-Josée Chartier, Peter Bingham and Claudia Moore.  

    Short Films to be screened: “SARAH”, “ZUMMEL” & “1939”   


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