The Other Festival - 2002 
    Dec 1- 7, 2002  
    Chinmaya Heritage Centre  
    # 2, 13th Avenue 
    Harrington Road, Chennai 600034  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You. 

    DECEMBER 6, 2002, 8pm 
    Jaimini Pathak & WORKING TITLE, (Mumbai) 
    “MAHADEVBHAI (1892 - 1942) ”, Theatre (English) (1 hr 30 min) 
    WORKING TITLE (Mumbai) has established a reputation of bringing unperformed, original plays by Indian writers to the stage. Their past work includes "CURFEW", (premiered at the Prithvi Theatre Festival (1999) and performed at THE OTHER FESTIVAL (2000)),"THE TRAVEL SHOW", (a short mime which premiered at the Prithvi Theatre International Festival, 2000), and MAHADEVBHAI (1892-1942) premiered at the Prithvi Theatre Festival (2002). 

    Mahadev Desai was Mahatma Gandhi's Secretary from 1917 to 1942, and was a key witness to the fight for freedom. During this period, Mahadevbhai maintained a daily diary. 

    MAHADEVBHAI (1892 - 1942) is a one-person play, which attempts to remind us of the times that were, and their devotion to truth. Working Title aims to create a show as captivating and charismatic as the men themselves. 

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