The Other Festival - 2000   
     Dec 1- 7, 2000. Museum Theatre, Chennai (Madras) India.   
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You.
    DECEMBER 2, 2000  
    AKRAM KHAN, born in the UK and of Bangladeshi origin, is an award-winning dancer/choreographer who brings down the barriers between Kathak and contemporary dance - to find out what lies beyond. Bringing an exciting vitality to cross-cultural expression in the world today, Akram’s work reflects a very strong personality and an original vocabulary that has him deemed a “new shooting star”!   

    “Loose in Flight” uses Kathak as the structural base, to break out into lyrical passages of contemporary action and create new dance territory. “Fix” is a new solo work. 

    In a cascading chain reaction of narrative motion, this explosive work draws its energy from Sufism’s whirling dervishes and the search for an innovative, chemical fusion of sound, light and movement. The evening will also see an impromptu piece by Akram, with a live percussionist. 

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