The Other Festival - 2000  
     Dec 1- 7, 2000. Museum Theatre, Chennai (Madras) India.  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You.
    DECEMBER 1-7, 2000 
    Centenary Exhibition Hall 
    Talented visual artiste SOUMYA SITARAMAN's (Bangalore) work resonates with powerful use of colour and characteristic directional energy. Her vision of art and art making as a voice of connections and social interrelations  result in her involvement with many art organisations. Founder of "SHAKTI", a group that brings together and gives voice to artists of South Asian origin in the San Francisco Bay Area, Soumya has the acknowledged honour of being the first Asian woman artist to create an Internet Art Gallery. She is a guest lecturer and speaker at many forums that focus on Women in the Arts and the empowerment of women.  

    She is currently producing a signature series "LIFELINES" which she begun as Artist-in Residence at Works, San Jose, a cutting edge contemporary art gallery. 

    The series visually imprints the intangible individual's sense of self, to tangible, impersonal marks of public, political and social serialization.  The series aims to continue to expand an awareness in inclusion and diversity by providing a bookmark about personality and personal choice resolution in this multicultural world.

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    The Other Festival  2000  
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