The Park’s The Other Festival - 2003  
    Music. Dance. Drama. Art. You.   

    The Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Chennai  
    # 2, 13th Avenue  
    Harrington Road, Chennai 600034  

    Sunday December 7, 2003 7 pm 
    Maya K.Rao and Vismayah (New Delhi) 
    “A deep Fried Jam” - Dance, Music, Theatre and Video (Rock Opera) 
    Maya Krishna Rao is a performer and a teacher. Known for a distinctive language of theatre that is contemporary, yet inspired by her training in Kathakali, which combines the richness of both dance and theater. Today her work ranges from stand up comedy to the latest multi media rock concert.  

    Maya is a member of the visiting faculty of the National School of Drama. She has masters in theater arts from Leeds, England. She is well known for her theater work in education workshops for children. She has created several one-person shows in the last decade, each different in their expressive form.  

    Maya is a member of Vismayah Cultural and Educational Society, a set up with the aim of enhancing the place of art in education. 

    “A Deep Fried Jam” is a rock opera with Dance, Music, Theatre and Video. 

    Credits: Music designer and performer: Ashim Ghosh 
    Video designer: Surajit Sarkar 
    Lights designer: Shyam Kishore 
    Stage Manager: Kalyani Hiwale 

    Directed, scripted and performed by Maya Krishna Rao.  

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